Our Interactions Services

To cater to a challenging reality and an evolving world, we provide the youth with up-to-date services that allow them to understand and implement practical tactics. These services contribute to developing business achievements, economic advancements, and social enhancements that positively impact their communities.

We offer four distinct services, each formulated to achieve goals that educate and empower young men and women


Business Trainings

We offer students internationally-certified programs that provide them with business fundamentals, strategic methods, and practical tactics. These programs guide them in successfully establishing, developing, and maintaining their careers and businesses in the Kingdom. Throughout the trainings, students will understand and implement strategic management tools and analysis that work as compasses in constructing feasible and sustainable business plans and models.


In partnership with various ministries, universities, organizations, and inspiring individuals, we have a network of experts, connections, and knowledge banks who work hand-in-hand to achieving a common goal: Educating and Empowering the Youth.

Woman Empowerment

Youth & Women Consulting Services: At C-Path, women empowerment is key to a flourishing future. Their presence to make a difference, create a positive impact, and move the country forward, is astounding. We encourage women to enter and develop in the workforce, focus on achieving their careers, and taking the risk in presenting their creative ideas. With only 14.9% of women in the Jordanian workforce, we strive to boost this number by offering women consultancy services on skillset development, career advancements, and business formations. In addition, we guide them to understand and analyze the local market, and effectively broaden their opportunities. C-Path provides women with wings to achieve the impossible.

Youth Training

Hands-On Workshops and Trainings: At C-Path, we develop workshops and training sessions that place students in real-life situations. These experiences open their eyes to the current challenges businesses are facing, the economic fluctuations they may undergo, and the failures they need to surpass in order to reach the top. C-Path’s approach does not sugarcoat experiences as students need to adapt and solve sudden changes and obstacles. With C-Path, every young man and woman will be fully prepared as they strive to succeed.

Be a part of C-Path’s impact

At C-Path, we focus on creating a network of supporters for nurturing C-Path’s mission in empowering the youth. We partner with organizations and individuals who:

Share Expert Knowledge & Guidance

Providing expert know-how is a key driver in developing our students’ knowledge and adds value to the trainings we offer. We team up with inspiring industry experts, distinct educational institutions, and esteemed organizations to share their expertise and experiences with the young men and women at C-Path.

Offer Sponsorships & Funds

Providing sponsorships for different purposes is another key driver in improving our students’ paths to success. From installing training incubators in different Jordanian districts, funding the youths’ events, supporting C-Path’s bootcamps, and offering financial sponsorships of various sorts, can positively contribute to the impactful change we are working together to achieve.