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Who We Are

Established in 2022 with a primary goal of economically empowering the youth across the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, C-Path, a non-profit organization, is designed to create thriving opportunities for young men and women by teaching, guiding, and leading them into the path of success.
With C-Path, young men and women connect with other ambitious entrepreneurs, receive the opportunity to create something impactful, improve their know-how, and learn from the best.

With a mission to empower the coming generations, CEO and Founder of C-Path, Dr. Reham Al Zughier, thoroughly constructed services and programs, based upon internationally-implemented and effective methods, that successfully fill the gaps, practicalize actions, bridge ideas with opportunities, and optimize chances of success for young adults, specifically women, who hold promising ideas aimed to enhance the future of Jordan.

Our Interactions Services

Business Trainings

We offer students internationally-certified programs that provide them with business fundamentals, strategic methods, and practical tactics that guide them in successfully establishing, developing, and maintaining their careers and businesses in the Kingdom.


In partnership with various and distinct ministries, universities, organizations, and inspiring individuals, we have a network of experts, connections, and knowledge banks who work hand-in-hand to achieving a common goal: Educating and Empowering the Youth.

Woman Empowerment

At C-Path, women empowerment is key to a flourishing future as their presence to make a difference, create a positive impact, and move the country forward is astounding. We encourage women to enter and develop in the workforce, focus on achieving their careers, and taking the risk in presenting their creative ideas.

Youth Training

At C-Path, we develop workshops and training sessions that place students in real-life situations. These experiences open their eyes to the current challenges businesses are facing, the economic fluctuations they may undergo, and the failures they need to surpass in order to reach the top.


Dr. Reham Al Zughier is a multidisciplinary businesswoman with a mission to empower Jordanians through entrepreneurship programs, consultancy services, and impactful initiatives.
Through her extensive knowledge and comprehensive experiences that span across 12 years, Reham has participated in various campaigns and initiatives that work towards bettering the future of the Jordanian youth and Jordan, as a whole. Additionally, Reham is a dedicated member in several, distinct associations who strive in providing young men and women opportunities to thrive economically, academically, socially, and athletically.